About MLDK

Branded Goods Association is a commercial community of interest for suppliers to Danish retail and Away From Home. Our aim is to promote the brand values to consumers, society, and the market as the brands play a crucial role in value creating innovation for the benefit of the Danish consumers.

Our most important mission is to manage our members’ interests, which is why we give voice to prioritized topics and messages that contribute to the consumers’ access to an inspiring and well-assorted range of brands.



We inspire and facilitate growth and value creation for the benefit of members, customers and consumers.


Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, innovative and effective market and to contribute to fair trading practice benefitting the Danish consumers.

Our Five Strategic Priorities

We are working for sustainable growth by strengthening the brands.
Our aim is to strengthen the brands’ market position so they continuously contribute to the creation of sustainable growth in the society. Thus, we promote the value of the brands and strengthen the attitude of the brands among consumers, trading partners, and the society.

We are working for fair trading practice - for both small and larger suppliers
We are working actively to create an efficient and competitive market with fair trading practice for the benefit of all the parties concerned in the value chain – no matter their distribution channel. Among other things, we are working actively at initiatives that address Unfair Trading Practice (UTP).

We are working for a consumer and end-user focused cooperation
We believe that we as an industry with a common focus on the complete value chain can take a greater social responsibility and support the suppliers’ abilities to meet the needs of the consumers and the value chains. That is why we articulate, initiate and facilitate initiatives and projects that strengthen the cooperation between retailer, wholesaler and end-user.

We are bringing the industry closer to the digital future
We are continuously looking at the opportunities the digital channel provides to the industry, making it easier for the consumer to access the brands. Furthermore, we are supporting the development of new digital business models. We do this so we can contribute with professional feedback to our members enabling them to continuously develop a dynamic market that meets the consumers’ expectations now and in the future.

We are working for an efficient value chain both nationally and internationally
We are working to create a sustainable and efficient value chain both nationally and internationally. Together with GS1, we are working to develop and prevail industrial standards that can contribute to the streamlining and optimization of general product and information flows. All because we want to ensure the right products in the right quantity and at the right time and place.